Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bonus Post: Why Write?

I write when I'm angry, when I'm sad, when I'm bored and when I have so much to say I feel like my heart/brain will explode into a spatter on my recently vacuumed floors.

Mostly I write because it's sometimes the only proper way to voice what you have to say. Sometimes spoken words aren't warranted, wanted or properly timed. How many times have you wanted to voice how you feel about something, just to see that eloquence has failed you and your feet taste like mud?

Sometimes I find myself wondering what Evelyn would do in my situation. She's is, by far, my favorite character that I have created. Sadly, I always know what she would do... bash some skulls together. Heh, that's just who she is.

P.S. I'm not crazy.

I guess though, if I'm being honest with myself, I write because I think I'm relatively good at it. I'm horrible (great?) at always thinking I can do things better than everyone else can. Perhaps that's why I'm an organizational freak. I second guess everything I do, thinking I could always do it better. Whether it's rearranging the furniture in a room, internally correcting my professors' lessons plans, internally fixing relationship problems or daydreaming for hours about the magic I could work with a time machine.

P.P.S. Daydreaming about time machines can be a very sad treat for the mind. I recommend refraining.

So writing, is a way for me to fix the problems I see in literature. I can make every character better, every scene sharper, every awkward dialogue exchange clearer. At least, that's what I tell myself.

The problem is that I feel as if I'll never been done with my book. Sometimes for weeks on end, I won't even pick up a project, convinced that my words are too far flawed to ever be fixed. That I should just scrap it all and start over. In the words of Ward - "Ruined, not broken."

I need confidence. Or a therapist. Did I already mention I'm not crazy?

Above all, however, I can say I write because it makes me happy. It makes me  happy to finish a page or a chapter. It makes me happy to surprise myself with side plots and character defects. I like the development and the suspense. And there is NO other feeling like that which occurs when you type the last period of the epilogue. Sitting back, flexing your sore fingers, rubbing your bloodshot eyes and (in my case anyway) standing up and dancing around the living room.

So that's why I write. In more than a nutshell. Just answering an emailed question with probably more words than the sender would have requested.

P.P.P.S. Thanks for emailing, and sorry for all the wind.

 <3, Bethany

The Writing Process

First - finding time to write.

It's frustrating, but honestly this is the biggest hindrance to writing. Between work, general life, and finding time to spend with people - it's not easy to focus. By the time I've exhausted all of the previous things and have time to myself, it seems I haven't the brain power to compose a single sentence. (Thus is one of the reasons for my little blog).

Sometimes, I think you have to just push through and make sure people understand that this is a passion, a hobby, and something that makes you, as a writer, happy.

I can spend hours at the computer watching my word count go up by the hundreds, or thousands. When I get really into my writing and push everything aside for awhile, I can spend 12-14 hours at the computer making my wrists catch fire and my eyes plead for mercy.

Summary, I need to stop wasting so much time being silly and spend more time writing.

Secondly, editing

Write the whole thing, and then edit.

That was a HUGE obstacle for me to overcome when I first started this over a year ago. Two wonderful women ( Willow and Ebyss ) gave me that piece of advice after reading countless chapter 1-5s. So that's what I did. I sat down and wrote my entire book, and am now working through editing.

My conclusion on editing .... it's such a bore.

But they were right. It's so much easier (and more efficient) to see exactly where my story was going, and then to come back through and subtract/add things as needed. Now I just need to get my chapter 2 to read right. :)

Third, Cussing

Everybody seems to have a different opinion on this topic. Is it okay, is it right, moral blah blah.

My opinion - if it makes sense for the character, do it. A 50 year old mobster who kills, kidnaps and tortures people as needed isn't going to say "ah, shoot" when something makes him angry. So I say, use it when it makes sense, but don't overuse it. Nothing is more frustrating, in real life, than to hear someone go off on someone/something using vulgar and unnecessary language. I would know, ever seen someone with an anger problem play a video game? Shudder.

Questions to readers:

What is your biggest writing obstacle? How do you overcome it?

Until again,
<3 Bethany

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've read many instances of how blogging can do wonderful things for a person. Such as self-promotion, self-marketing and making self a better writer.

Since I believe everything I read, these are things you can find in my posts:
  •  Updates on my writing projects
  •  Pictures of cute things... namely my cat
  •  What I'm reading/listening to
  •  Random things I feel like tossing out
  •  Excerpts of my current and future projects exclusive to my lovely stalkers
  •  Ideas for writing projects that I'll bounce off future subscribers
The latter of that list is my main goal here.

But... before I begin I believe introductions should be in order.

I'm Bethany- a woman who dreams of being a paranormal/psychological thriller author. Possibly futuristicly known for writing some of the most critically acclaimed novels to make your heart race and your brains explode. Yes, explode. (Go ahead and make the sound effect.)

Currently, however, I'm a bit more down to Earth. I have a little casa in the beautiful town of Portland, Oregon - though my heart still slightly lies in Lawrence, Kansas and my family scattered through the midwest.

I do a lot of reading, cooking, sewing and experimental bartending. I have a passion for movies and live in the wrong century (with the right technology). I long for frilly dresses, petticoats, dust, lakes, and candlelight but I love the internet, online classes, and online dictionaries.

Getting to it...

I'm excited about my current project. Martyr centers around my main character Evelyn Harper. A brief summary of the topics included:

  • Telepathy
  • Kicking ass
  • The psychological effects of childhood trauma
  • Mobsters/Politicians
  • Torture, pillaging, kidnapping, blackmailing
  • Homosexuality
  • More ass kicking
But more on that later.

In closing, thanks for reading.

<3, bethany