Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've read many instances of how blogging can do wonderful things for a person. Such as self-promotion, self-marketing and making self a better writer.

Since I believe everything I read, these are things you can find in my posts:
  •  Updates on my writing projects
  •  Pictures of cute things... namely my cat
  •  What I'm reading/listening to
  •  Random things I feel like tossing out
  •  Excerpts of my current and future projects exclusive to my lovely stalkers
  •  Ideas for writing projects that I'll bounce off future subscribers
The latter of that list is my main goal here.

But... before I begin I believe introductions should be in order.

I'm Bethany- a woman who dreams of being a paranormal/psychological thriller author. Possibly futuristicly known for writing some of the most critically acclaimed novels to make your heart race and your brains explode. Yes, explode. (Go ahead and make the sound effect.)

Currently, however, I'm a bit more down to Earth. I have a little casa in the beautiful town of Portland, Oregon - though my heart still slightly lies in Lawrence, Kansas and my family scattered through the midwest.

I do a lot of reading, cooking, sewing and experimental bartending. I have a passion for movies and live in the wrong century (with the right technology). I long for frilly dresses, petticoats, dust, lakes, and candlelight but I love the internet, online classes, and online dictionaries.

Getting to it...

I'm excited about my current project. Martyr centers around my main character Evelyn Harper. A brief summary of the topics included:

  • Telepathy
  • Kicking ass
  • The psychological effects of childhood trauma
  • Mobsters/Politicians
  • Torture, pillaging, kidnapping, blackmailing
  • Homosexuality
  • More ass kicking
But more on that later.

In closing, thanks for reading.

<3, bethany

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