Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Writing Process

First - finding time to write.

It's frustrating, but honestly this is the biggest hindrance to writing. Between work, general life, and finding time to spend with people - it's not easy to focus. By the time I've exhausted all of the previous things and have time to myself, it seems I haven't the brain power to compose a single sentence. (Thus is one of the reasons for my little blog).

Sometimes, I think you have to just push through and make sure people understand that this is a passion, a hobby, and something that makes you, as a writer, happy.

I can spend hours at the computer watching my word count go up by the hundreds, or thousands. When I get really into my writing and push everything aside for awhile, I can spend 12-14 hours at the computer making my wrists catch fire and my eyes plead for mercy.

Summary, I need to stop wasting so much time being silly and spend more time writing.

Secondly, editing

Write the whole thing, and then edit.

That was a HUGE obstacle for me to overcome when I first started this over a year ago. Two wonderful women ( Willow and Ebyss ) gave me that piece of advice after reading countless chapter 1-5s. So that's what I did. I sat down and wrote my entire book, and am now working through editing.

My conclusion on editing .... it's such a bore.

But they were right. It's so much easier (and more efficient) to see exactly where my story was going, and then to come back through and subtract/add things as needed. Now I just need to get my chapter 2 to read right. :)

Third, Cussing

Everybody seems to have a different opinion on this topic. Is it okay, is it right, moral blah blah.

My opinion - if it makes sense for the character, do it. A 50 year old mobster who kills, kidnaps and tortures people as needed isn't going to say "ah, shoot" when something makes him angry. So I say, use it when it makes sense, but don't overuse it. Nothing is more frustrating, in real life, than to hear someone go off on someone/something using vulgar and unnecessary language. I would know, ever seen someone with an anger problem play a video game? Shudder.

Questions to readers:

What is your biggest writing obstacle? How do you overcome it?

Until again,
<3 Bethany

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