Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Q: What's In Your Writing Area?

My roommates and I have an extra bedroom... which we kind of converted into a storage/extra room. We've got a monstrous TV, a super comfy love seat that is too ugly to put in the open, tons of extra pillows, some bookcases and one of the roommate's desktops.

Today, in a cleaning fit, I transformed this little wasted space into my own writing laboratory. I brought in my little stone water fountain from another room, some great candles (Glade - Always Spring = heaven), decorative pillows and desk fan. Along with some pictures and teddy bears, this little cocoon is the most relaxing and wonderful place in the house.

So, finally, I have a permanent writing space. 

The only thing I had left to do was transfer my music playlist over and get down to writing. I've heard a lot of people have music playlists that inspire creativity, maybe help them get into character or simply entertain. My music list is the same. It's relaxing, creative, and just all around good music.

Here's what's playing in my "Book Playlist".
-Frank Sinatra
-Regina Spektor
-Bob Marley
-Company of Thieves (who I will highly recommend seeing in concert)
-Minus the Bear
-Some random oldies but goodies

Now I have all the things set up in my little space to commence uninterrupted, quality writing time. That is, unless my cat decides to sleep on my keyboard. Which happens more often than it should.

<3, Bethany

< ---- One reason to move to a different writing place. That's my writing notebook, containing all my notes. Sigh. Silly kitty.

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