Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best Advice I Have Ever Recieved

One of my beta readers has given back the entire book, and one of my readers have given me back the chapters I felt were the weakest, the initial ones.

They've given me so much to consider and rework that I feel almost as if I have an entire other novel to write. Which is good. Ebyss (check her out at http://ebysswriter.blogspot.com/ ) gave me the advice to go back through, line by line, and edit every sentence, every word choice and every plot grouping to make sure I have it right. I can't exactly start that process yet... because I have a lot of big picture work I need to do. But as I do rewrites, I'm using that advice to minimize later editing. It's taking me much, much longer to get through paragraphs, but it will be well worth it.

Dialogue is DEFINITELY the hardest. When there are so many ways to say things... there are millions more ways to actually "say things". It has to fit the characters, which sometimes means allowing them to say things I would shoot myself in the eye for saying in actual conversation. Kimmy has honestly been the hardest to write, and I'm modeling her kind of after one of my teenage sisters. It's better than modeling her after another teenager (believe me I tried) because I find myself immensely hating the upcoming generation... and Kimmy. Better to remember her as silly, cheesy and lovable.

I'll keep you all updated as I move forward with my editing. I've got a ton of it to do, and I'm so very excited!

<3, Bethany

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