Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Review

Today I just finished this book.

Cormac McCarthy - The Road

Now, I'm a sucker for a good zombie or post-apocalyptic book, and this one is one of the best I've ever read. It's no The Stand, but honestly nothing ever is.

The book follows "the man" and "the boy", a father and son team traveling from an unknown northern location of the US, to an unknown southern location to survive the winter. The cause of the end of the world is never stated, nor is the exact amount of time that has passed. The details are honestly really scarce, but you can draw the picture in your mind. There is no electricity, all the world is covered with ash and the sun never shows through the ash clouds. It has been enough years in the past that they scavenge like crazy to (sometimes) find enough food to eat every few days.

It's a ridiculously touching story, that leaves you feeling not at all hopeful for the end fate of these two men. Especially since the father is constantly carrying around a pistol with only one bullet left, and constantly refers to it's use for both defense and suicide. The son knows to put the gun in his mouth and aim up towards the brain if he is ever captured.

Some of the things that really touched me about this book was the overwhelming differences in between "the good guys" (as the call themselves) and "the bad guys." The bad guys are torturous, looting, murdering, cannibalistic freaks that carry homemade bludgeons and keep slaves that they slowly harvest for food. At one point during their journey down The Road (an unnamed  state highway), they come across a man and a pregnant woman traveling alone. They follow them, and when they finally try to introduce themselves the couple has already fled, leaving behind a campfire and something cooking. Upon investigating the site, they find a newborn baby on a spit over the fire.

The boy, who was born in this new world, is the showman of goodness. He wants to help anyone they find along the road, and gives food to anyone his father will let him. The book follows them through their trek, as they carry only their backpacks and a grocery cart full of blankets and food where they can find it. It's dark, bleak and the mood is impeccable.

The ending is, admittedly, all the sudden and kind of makes you want to throw you hands in the air and blurt out tons of questions, but the rest of the book is a 4/5. A must read for anyone akin to any genre.

I've just found out a movie was made, and it stars the incredibly talented (not to mention gorgeous) Viggo Mortinson. I'll have to check it out and get back to you.

Much <3, Bethany


  1. I read it last year took it to the dentist and the dentist had to pull it from my hands. So awesome. I've since read no country for old men (so so) and am currently reading all the pretty horses (very good) the movie is not a disappointment :)

  2. Awesome! Thank you for the comment. I just put that movie at the top of my Netflix queue... so hopefully I'll get to watch it over the weekend. Glad it's good. :)