Thursday, September 16, 2010

Okay, For You New Kids - What I'm Doing

That's right folks! Double entries. Click the button for the Query Submission Contest where you can sign up to win some great prizes.

Thank you all so, so much for the emailed questions! I've been getting tons of support and questions both via email and via Facebook messages. It makes me feel really good to know that there are people who care. You're all great and make me know every single day that I'm not alone on this elusive track known as publishing.

So here are a few questions I want to clear up.

Q: Are you already published?
A: No, not at all! I'm aspiring for sure, and querying my first set of agents. Publication is much harder than just writing a book - there's a lot of post work involved. Publication could be years off for me, if it even happens for this book at all. It's likely this book won't be published. And if not, that's okay. You know? I love writing, and I'll keep doing it until the end of time even if everyone I know tells me to give it up. I love telling stories. If it's not this book, I'll write another and another until I'm strong enough in my writing and connections to make something happen for me.

Q: What happens after you write a book? (From a family member :) )
A: Basically, now that I have a product, I have to sell it. The first thing I have to "sell" is my idea - which is what the query is - a 4-5 paragraph essay telling agents who read THOUSANDS of these things why mine is the one they should represent. Sometimes they ask for a synopsis, or the blue print for my work. That's a 1-5 page detailed description of what my novel is about, beginning to end.
If I do get an agent, they'll pander my work out to publishing editors, who bid on my work. They edit it, give it back and tell me to fix it, and I do. After that... from what I understand... it goes into stuff about contracts etc.
So yes, I'm in that sending-out-my-first-batch-of-queries stage. Just my first batch. Which means I've barely grazed the surface of all this.

Q: What is your book about? 
A: Sigh. There it is, I've been called out.
So here's the problem with getting published. I can't write a query. For the life of me, I just can't do it. I keep getting the EXACT same feedback. But, for the sake of those of you that keep asking... this is generally what my book is about.
--- I have two main point of views that alternate throughout the chapters. The first, Evelyn, is a sarcastic and malevolent little gem. Cursed (gifted?) with the ability to not only hear, but to control the thoughts of others, she keeps to herself. She hails from a world filled with abuse, drugs and constant fear - so when she happens upon Chloe, the overly happy daughter of a controversial senator, she's intrigued. When she hears Chloe's cries for help from a mile away, she runs to her and puts herself in harm's way to save her from a vicious kidnapper.
Chloe, feeling lost and alone, clings to Evelyn - the last person in the world with the temperament to put up with her. Over a very short course of time, Evelyn comes to like Chloe and feels strangely protective of her. Together, the two find happiness in each other and the successes of life, achievement of goals and their own separate romances.
Kieran - the other point of view - is the 4th in line to a very powerful mafia family in the grip of a fierce power struggle. When events point the family at Evelyn, he is chosen to stalk to her to learn more about her power.
In the end, the two collide on separate missions. Kieran wants to protect Evelyn who willing puts herself in the path of the family to protect Chloe. Even with Kieran's influence and Evelyn's superhuman abilities, the two are wrapped up in a deadly game of power, deception and torture that could lead to both of their deaths.

See how longwinded all of that is? Sigh. That's why I can't write a query.

Q: So, what now? What are you doing?
A: I'm writing, of course. :) I've put Martyr aside for a little while so I can go back at it with fresh eyes prior to sending out another batch of queries to people I really, really want to represent me. I'm working hard on my query, and will post rewrites on here for you all to see and edit soon.

I'm also working on other books. I have 5 separate books in my "idea" folder. The one I'm focusing on the most right now is about two woman who take on a rouge dictator on a newly developed Mars colony. It's currently untitled, but it's plotted out completely.

Q: Can we see some of Martyr? 
A: Hmm... actually, yes. Not right now. But I'll probably post an excerpt sometime in the coming week -- probably when I post my first bad query letter. :)

Now - on top of all that - I have some GREAT interviews lined up for you!!

I have a literary editor, a self-published author, a photographer and a best-selling author gracing the page in the next month. Interviews you DON'T want to miss! The lovely Ebyss was gracious enough to be my first guest. You can find her interview here.

Much more to come!

<3, Bethany


  1. The first thing with your query is to write it just about Evie. And not worry the others.


    Do you think I wrote my query all by myself?

    Didn't happen, had help. Not professional help where you pay for it. Friend help.

    And the first thing this friend asked was...Why should I care?

    I answered her. :)

  2. Haha. I know, I know.

    I just finished a better query - the best one I've written so far, actually.

    I cut it down to just Evelyn's story (which directly relates to Chloe) and left out Kieran. Sad face.

    It's way better.

    I kid you not when I say I have 30 tabs open right now, all examples of query letter I found on agent blogs.