Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Query Submission Contest!!

Now that I'm on that last leg, it's time to do some networking.

Drawing at 4PM CST Oct 8th -- That's today!!

Rules: To enter, just post a comment on this post. Then tada, you're entered! Or you can email me if you'd rather. Gain more entries by throwing my name about the internet shamelessly. Blog me, Tweet me, Facebook me - basically link me all over the place. It's that easy. You get bonus entries for already supporting me via various channels, and a very lucky few get a whopping 10 bonus entries for volunteering as beta readers.

The Prize:
1) A full manuscript edit. The entire thing, whether 70,000 words or 140,000. If it's good, I have a couple more volunteers for you as well. Not a writer? You can gift this out to anyone!
2) A permanent link and bio on my blog. Creative minds get a personalized interview linked to it. 
3) A $25 Amazon.com gift card to use on whatever you want.

As for contest entries --- simply comment on this thread so I know you are entered!! Here's how the point system spreads out:

Blog about this contest - 5 entries
Tweet or share this contest to Facebook - 2 entries (for each post!)
Already subscribe to my blog - 5 entries
Already follow me on Facebook or Twitter - 3 entries
Become a new subscriber to any of the above channels - 1 entry
Commenting on a post - 1 entry
Refer someone to the blog - 3 entries.
WERE YOU REFERRED? Click the contact me tab at the top of the page. Send me a message with the name of the person who referred you. Win them 3 entries!
Commenting on a blog with the below picture at the top - 2 entries.

It really is that easy. Just tell me on this post that you're entering, and I'll keep tally of your blog contributions - you keep me updating on your sharing posts. On October 9th, your names will all get one slip of paper per entry - and (yes, I'm serious) I'll draw one name out of a hat!

So win the easiest manuscript review and $25 dollars of your life, and spread this contest around.

<3, Bethany


  1. Awesome contest. An edit (extra pair of eyes) and a $25 gift card.


  2. Follower here and twitter.

    Facebook and tweeted.

  3. I'd love to enter! +5 for blogging about the contest (check my blog Friday~Heather's Odyssey), +2 for mention on Twitter, +1 for being a new blog follower, +3 for being a Twitter follower, (you're on FB?! I'm on it...) +1 for FB friend, +1 for commenting. Did I get all that right?! If so then my total is 13.

  4. Awesome!! I have both of your entries tallied in the books. :) If you retweet, just make sure to mention me so I see it and I'll relog another 2 entries.

  5. Blogged, facebooked, and beta read!

    You can see my blog here: http://kimmullican.blogspot.com/2010/09/attention-all-writers-contest-worth.html

    My facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/kimmullican

  6. Very cool. I follow, and will tweet about this later today. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  7. What a great contest! I'm a new follower and will tweet about the contest later!

  8. Bethany, I’m new to your site, but appreciate what you’re doing with this contest. Consider it blogged (http://ranting-and-raven.blogspot.com) on October 1st, and Facebooked once my blog feed hits (http://www.facebook.com/JMMartin), as well as Google Buzzed and Amplified (though I don’t think those count). I’m a new follower on Facebook and also of this blog, so in total I think that gives me 10 entries? Either nine or ten, depending on if this post counts as a point.

    To be fair, I discovered this contest through Heather McCorkle’s blog (http://heathermccorkle.blogspot.com/2010/10/contests-for-readers-and-writers.html), which happens to be on my blogroll at my blog, so I guess that gets her another three entries. She’s raking ‘em in!

    Best to all,

    J.M. Martin

  9. Thank you all for your entries! And J.M. - thank you for recognizing Heather, I'll put her down for 3 more.

    Best of luck to all of you - drawing is a week away. :)

  10. Wow! This is a great contest! Please enter me. I'm off to pimp!