Friday, October 8, 2010

Contest Results!

So, the results are in! Thank you to all of you who submitted a total of 498 entries all together! I started off with 8 blog followers, and tripled that in large part to all your linking!

Also, sigh, there were so many entrants I couldn't give away just one prize. So I added a second and third place. Yeah, yeah. It's what I do. Thank you all so much!!!!

Third Place:

Congratulations! Send me the first 3 chapters of your MS here.

Second Place:

Congratulations! Send me your entire, yes your entire MS!

And the grand prize goes to:

Congratulations!! Please email me to claim your MS edit, gift card and get your link set up.

To all the other entrants, please enjoy this complimentary blog posting in all of your honors. Enjoy ;)

Hugh, Oh hugh.
Noms. Young Clint Eastwood.
Yvonne Stahovski (Don't worry guys, didn't forget about you)
Zachary Quinton as Sylar.

The two hottest people that have ever lived. Ever.

Much, much, love! More to come. 

<3, Bethany


  1. Wow, I won second place! Thank you so much. Now I have to decide which project I want to send to you!

  2. Take your time! I'm not going to put a timeline on the submissions.

  3. YAY!!! I win. Woot.

    Okay.. got your email. I'll shoot you one tomorrow. Visiting right now. :)

  4. Actually.. not a email.. twitter notification. LOL!!!

  5. Congrats to the winners! Maybe you should make this an annual thing.

  6. Oh Yay! I'm so excited :) Thanks so much for the additional prizes - I *never* win anything! LOL.

    I'm finishing revisions on my YA right now, I'll send the chapters within a week or two!

    Thanks again!