Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Work Schedule

Woo hoo! And no, not the Sims WooHoo, but woooo hooooooooo. With some dancing.

Going from partish time to fullish time was a dream come true. After getting my new schedule, I'm super surprised to find myself with MORE time for writing. Weird, right? I'll have a full 3 hours each morning where all I have to do is catch up on reading blogs, converse with wonderful people on Twitter, and write!

So now I have to seriously bull down and pick a new WIP. Or do the MARTYR rehash. Whatever it is, I need to just do it.

I'm going to set a daily write goal of 1,000 words for right now. For those of you wanting to do the same, I'll be using #daily1K as a hashtag on Twitter. Feel free to follow along or participate!

Also, I'm going to put an open invitation out there: If you're wanting to do any type of collaborative writing (critique group, group blogging, etc) - please shoot me an email at bethanyray.goodman at gmail. (Muha, take that, spammers).

Basically, I'm just excited and would like to share that with you. Now I'm going to open up a new Word document and try to fill it instead of just stare at it. Wish me luck!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Need...

... a writing group. Or a critique group. Something to keep me focused.

When I was editing/beta reading all the time, my motivation was endless. I used to write night after night for anywhere between a half hour and 10-12 hours a day. Now I can't find the motivation.

I've had little critique groups going, but they're completely dissolved. It seems like every grouping I come into is usually the tail end of it, right before one or more people have to give up (the best group I ever had *I* was the one who had to quit it.).

How do you find a group? Or a grouping of bloggers? Even one of my favorite blog groupings, the old Critique This WIP fell to the wayside. I love collaborative blogs, but even they seem to fall apart eventually. I've love to take part in one, but they don't just form overnight.

I guess I'm looking for some connection, someway to keep focused. Writing seems to be a lot like working out, it's fun to do, but easier to push yourself when someone's standing next to you adding up the weight on the bar. Or monitoring your word count. Or whatever.

How do you all do it? Where do you find that motivation to type the first line without deleted it and turning on Dexter season 4?