Monday, February 21, 2011

Another New Work Schedule

So just as I'm getting in the groove of writing again, life comes along and demands another adjust.

I'm going full time! Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about this. I get all my benefits (which includes health insurance which includes all my medicines which means I'll be feeling better for the first time in over a year and have more energy!) and I'll have a consistent 40 hour a week schedule.

The bad part about it is that 1) My days will end at 6 at night which leaves me time to make dinner, do the chores, and not a lot of time for writing and 2) I work Sundays now which means my days off are Thursdays and Saturday... no more 2 days in a row.

So, basically, writing is going to take a backseat for the next couple of weeks so I can learn to adjust my schedule and replenish some energy. I haven't worked full time at a job in quite some time. That along with all the household responsibilities (think the hubs and I might need to have a little chatty-chat *wink*) and school work is going to leave me draggin for awhile.

My book is coming along well, however. I've finally got the outlining stages done, and thanks to some great advice from the amazing Chuck Sambuchino I'm going to take one change a day and follow it through to the end of my book. That way I keep all my ducks aligned and make sure the flow is consistent. I'm hoping to have the first chapter done in a couple of week, and then tackle a chapter a week after that until I'm done.

Basically, I just want to get it right and push it out onto the world. Either it will go somewhere or it won't, but I'm ready for a new project. I want to get it perfect!


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  1. Congrats on the job promo! As far as your writing'll do great! You have a pretty good baseline as it is. You already know I LOVE LOVE LOVE your story!