Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well, uh... Hi, everyone!


It has been a LONG time since I wrote a blog post.

Being busy sucks.

First there was the class that I thought was never going to end. Then I had surgery that put me out for 6 weeks from life. Most recently - however- I moved from Kansas to Oregon!

I've only been here for a total of 4 full days, but I'm in love with this place already.

Yeah --- that's from my back porch (aka, my writing chair)

Even better than that -- I'm back to writing! Full time for now while I'm unemployed. Wrote a good 4 chapters today on two different books. I figured I'll keep working on them both until one of them grabs me by the brain and won't let go. One of them is a fantasy-esque medieval novel equipped with a Demon-Mage tyrant and an exiled witch out to save the queen. It's fun. The other is a thriller novel based on the Aztec "Five Suns" myth. The 'heart-eater' as she's called, rebels against the sun-god (her father) to save humanity from the final sun. I'm a little more prone to the first, as the latter MC doesn't even have a name yet. I'll figured it out though.

So tell me, followers that I've somehow retained - how are your writing lives? Are you writing, editing, and beta-ing with zeal? Stuck in a school/surgery/moving rut? Tell me things.

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