Monday, June 20, 2011

Writing with a View

Having trees and water to look at and chirping birds to listen to and beautiful breezes through the windows have made a huge difference in my mood. And by mood I mean my lack of frustration with writer's block that I've suffered from for the last 4 months.

I've started and stopped four novels, and have since picked up on all four of them. Not one of them is triumphant quite yet, I'm hoping one pulls through soon. It's very hard to keep all the story lines straight. I called King Eddard (who I need to rename after starting to read Game of Thrones) Nicholas and made my Aztec MC do an entire scene with zombies before remembering that zombies only go in the zombie book. It's kind of fun to skip from very serious thriller, to intense thriller suspense-y, to medieval suspense, to zombie apocalypse that is both scary and unintentionally whimsical.

I mean... I say zombie sharks, your heart races a little while you snicker. Let's be honest. Until zombie shark eats your face off. Then it's just scary.

But still... I would like to complete my second novel and remind myself to be serious about this. While the beautiful-ness of Oregon is greatly improving my mood, being at home alone all the time while my husband works and not being able to find a job make it seem so selfish to write all day.

Not that I'm not still writing a ton.

But it also feels good to be editing again! Soooo soooo good. Especially when one is a really fantastic writer and I want so badly for her to get her fantastic book published. Not only because I selfishly want a copy on hand to read many times, but also because I've come across a lot of personalities since I started this writing journey almost 2 years ago, and she's been the most consistently fantastic person I've met. So keep your fingers crossed for my friend, in hopes that her writing will shine through to the perfect person.

Until next time I remember to blog <3,

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