Friday, February 1, 2013

Why Writers Like Lyrical Music

Have you ever noticed that most writers have two things in common?

1) Reading. This is obvious. How in the world are we supposed to write if we have no idea what we're doing? If we don't understand pacing, character building, world building, emotional input, etc.

2) High lyrical music. I've noticed that a lot of my writer friends listen to similar music. I set out today to figure out exactly why that is.

I was listening to my book playlist and encountered something magical.

How magical?

This magical.

I know, right?

Writers are fans of putting words together in a way that has the highest impact. Poets are some of the best writers the world has to offer.

They have the amazing ability to bring someone to tears in a couple of stanzas. How impressive is that, honestly?

So when writers need inspiration, why wouldn't they choose highly verbose music with catchy ways of saying them?

I want to write books that make people feel like these songs do. I want to give people those deep spinal shivers when they 'get it'. I want to invoke the kind of sadness and longing that music is capable of.


So what inspires you to write? Do you have a playlist?

Until next time.

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