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Ultraviolet Catastrophe
4 of 5 stars
Jamie presents a YA character with a realistic voice. This YA character doesn't fall into an unrealistic scenario that forces her to be someone she's not. She's geeky, fun, and a breath of fresh air. The pacing was great, the story was ...
Mind Games
4 of 5 stars
Okay, honestly this is NOT what I was expecting. The writing is different than anything I've read, and if I wasn't already crushing on Kiersten White I'm not sure what I would have thought. Being that I do love her writing, I really e...
The Witching Hour
5 of 5 stars
After 3 read-throughs of this series, this remains one of my absolute favorite stories. Anne's writing is captivating in every way; her characters are so real you can feel them. Rowan and Michael and Mona are three of the most well round...
5 of 5 stars
If you're not already desperately awaiting the release of this book, you should be. Mark it on every calendar you have! J.L. Spelbring is able to create an entire universe that is both chilling and heartbreaking - a cold and desolate ta...
Industrial Magic
4 of 5 stars
Kelly Armstrong is simply amazing. This series continues to excite and enthrall.
City of Glass
3 of 5 stars
I remember reading it the first time a couple of years ago and loving it, but a second reread had me frustrated. I want to like Clary's character more, but a second read through made her seen so weak and whiny. I think that Ms. Clare's w...
4 of 5 stars
For those of you on the fence about reading a self-pub book - this is the place to start. One of the best in the Paranormal Romance category. Strong characters, excellent (and edited!) writing and absolutely amazing story. Honestly, if y...