Writing Projects


CHANNELER - Adult Suspense

To help the souls that bombard her mind move on, Danielle must survive the man who killed them.

42366 / 80000 words. 53% done!


1) Surviving Mars - Adult Action

9200 / 75000 words. 12% done!

2) The Devourers - Adult Urban Fantasy

Forced to journal his murderous existence to keep from forgetting it, Nicholas crosses paths with a dangerous police chief when Chief Danby stumbles across the memoirs.

43970 / 75000 words. 59% done!

3) MARTYR - Adult Thriller

After finding out her long-lost sister was alive, Evelyn is forced to go up against a powerful mafia family and their deranged leader to keep her that way.

75000 / 75000 words. 100% done, not currently querying.